Who are we?

Independent Craft Production “Tehno-plast” Gligorijević is present on the market of our country since 2001 providing great contribution to beekeeping in the Region employing our hard work and permanent improvement of our offer as well as production plants. Our daily contacts with many users of our products and irreplaceable own experience in beekeeping enable us to provide you expert advising with professionals who understand beekeeping process and know techniques innovating by themselves their work with honeybees, therefore, they can guarantee for sure quality of their equipment and packaging. In such way, we offer to our customers an optimal implementation of all advantages of our products.


Our mission is to be a synonym for reliability including maintenance and development of beekeeping serving our customers.


Our aim is to satisfy needs for beekeeping packaging on the market in Serbia and Balkans with tendency of expanding toward Central and Eastern Europe. We try by all our efforts to contribute sustainable development of beekeeping tradition in our community and wider.


Our vision is to become recognizable brand on beekeeping worlds market with quality of our products we offer as well to achieve maximum outcome cooperating with our customers.

Learn about Honey


This wonderful process is described by our specialists and is monitored daily.


A beehive is an enclosed structure in which some honey bee species live.


Nectar is a sugar-rich liquid produced by plants in glands called nectaries.

Forms of Honey

Learn everything about different types of honey and how they are produced.


Flowers and their aroma influences the flavor and quality of our honey.


We take care of our bees to ensure they work properly for the best honey.

Learn about Honey

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