Independent Craft Production “Tehnoplast Gligorijević” from Batočina (Serbia) supplies beekeepers in Balkan region with quality packaging for bee products and equipment and accessories for beekeeping. Assortment of our products is more than various and it is completely adapted to beekeeping business needs in this region. We offer products of Serbian geographical origin exclusively produced in our assembly lines. Our products include quality packaging for honey of different volumes and various practical accessories for beekeeping including available prices that respect circumstances on our market. Our firm is very successful and we follow up with own expanding trend in accordance with worlds technological changes. Our primal aim is to contribute beekeeping industry in our country what we explicitly showed many times.

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plastic antivirus floor with pollen collector, adapted to the methodology of beekeeping in our area.

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In the business there are two criteria that lead to success - trust and quality.

It was precisely on the basis of these criteria that my cooperation with the company Tehnoplast was built.

And I have no doubt that it will be the same in the future.

Milan Luković

I successfully cooperate with Tehnoplast Gligorijevic and I am very satisfied with the quality of their products. I recommend them to everyone who appreciates professionalism and quality.

Marija Bilalević

If you cooperate with Tehnoplast, you work primarily with quality people

who care about you getting a quality product.

Siniša Stojanović
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