Floor box

1,299.00 RSD

Net weight: 2 kg
Material: PP – PS
Package: 2-4 pieces

Category: Product ID: 1399


Innovation on Serbian market; many times awarded product by our eminent institutions and fairs; it is done of materials of exceptional strength and resistance against weather conditions and permitted in the food industry; it consists of several parts; the antivirus floor body which is tested for the capacity of 200kg; grid for pollen collecting placed in the summer opening on the floor; drawer for pollen collecting; control of treatment of viruses and microclimate regulation placed in the lower part of the floor; flight regulator placed during winter season and when not collecting pollen; exit funnel for drones; it had an excellent results in practice, both, with pollen harvesting and daily circumstances during different weather conditions.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 510 × 420 × 70 cm


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